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InSoul Footwear's DRESS SNEAKER aims to bridge the gap between expensive dress shoes and athletic sneakers. Striving to craft a new style of shoes this Brand is parallel to no other.  It's not often shoes get better with age, but that is a feature woven into the construction of this product. The brand's positioning is very unique and the footwear style is innovative with a rich and classic appeal. Quality and craftsmanship are deep rooted components in the product. The founders believe that men look for these characteristics in the brands/products that they endorse and enjoy.


The brand's name InSoul is an obvious play on the word "insole" but spelled "soul" to embrace the tie between music culture and the footwear culture. Hip Hop music is currently associated with sneaker culture, but InSoul seeks to celebrate the "soul music" that many artists take their inspiration (samples) from. Using this foundation will hopefully give the young supporters and their parents common ground to enjoy the product and brand's lifestyle.


Founder and designer, Sean OShea has over 15years of experience in the footwear industry.  He has designed for several major brands including Nike, Adidas, Converse and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few.  Sean began working on and developing the DRESS SNEAKER in 2008 when he reached out to a friend working at an expensive dress shoe factory and asked them to make a sneaker using all of the quality and craftsmanship used when constructing a dress shoe. The beauty behind the design was for it to appear like a sneaker at first glance, however with a closer look one would see the details of a shoe which could only be hand made by skilled shoe maker.  The DRESS SNEAKER is built on the chassis of an authentic dress shoe and styled with the look and feel of an American sports sneaker.


After successfully launching the brand on Kickstarter, InSoul Footwear will continue to offer the original DRESS SNEAKER at hugely discounted PRE-ORDER pricing for a very limited time. 



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